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1280px-DowntownBostonWill Your Employee Benefit Plans Successfully Navigate the Changing Seas Ahead?

Our second conference of 2014 gave attendees lots of ideas and insights for managing their benefits plans. An outstanding slate of keynote speakers and a general session panel discussion gave a “big picture” look at today’s critical healthcare and retirement issues, while the program’s 45 workshops gave attendees small group opportunities to interact with experts, innovators and colleagues.

Here’s how one attendee summed up this conference:

“This was the best conference that I have attended! The speakers were fantastic and the choice of topics covered all areas of benefits.  There were many opportunities for networking and sharing ideas with other benefit professionals.  I will definitely attend next year!!”

National benefits speaker and writer Carol Harnett kicked things off with “Is the Time Right for Private Exchanges?” Her presentation focused on the critical questions for employers to consider before making such a move. In addition, keynote remarks by Donna MacFarland of Lincoln Financial Group, Kris Gates of MassMutual Retirement Services and Diane Gallagher of American Century Investments all offered research-based presentations on how to engage employees to make sound decisions about their employer-provided benefit plans, emphasizing the need to send personalized, multi-channel communications to employees.

A panel discussion among benefits experts and practitioners, moderated by Chairman Mark Friedman, examined the question, “How Will Your Employer-Provided Benefits Change in the Next Five Years?”

Our final day keynote speaker, Michelle Spehr of The Benefits Services Group, offered inspiration and her professional take on the shortcomings and strengths of employer-sponsored wellness programs.  Michelle’s presentation, “Caution: Wellness Programs May Be Hazardous to Employee Health,” and the individual workshop presentations listed below are available online.

Workshop Presentations

  • Case Study of HDHP/HSA Implementation
    Mark A. Vetter, Westar Energy, Inc.
  • Case Study: How Healthcare Reform Will Affect Our Organization
    M. Brad Reynolds, Formerly of Asbury Communities, Inc.
  • Case Study: One Fitness Challenge, Multiple Benefits
    Heidi C. DeLisle, A.W., Hastings & Co., LLC
    Jaime L. Holmes, A.W., Hastings & Co., LLC
  • Covering the Bases—Agreements, Practice Standards and Minutes
    Richard T. Allison, SWBC Investment Advisory Services
    Bradley D. Ferguson, SWBC Investment Advisory Services
  • DOL Retirement Plan Investigations and Enforcement Initiatives
    Mary W. Rosen, Employee Benefits Security Administration, U.S. DOL
  • Effective Management of Specialty Pharmacy
    Richard A. Ford, Envision Pharmaceutical Services
    Leslie Gorta, Envision Pharmaceutical Services
  • Fiduciary Issues and How to Avoid Being a Defendant
    Sherwin S. Kaplan, J.D.,
  • HIPAA and New Non-ACA Health Law: What You Need to Know
    Kristy Phillips, Employee Benefits Security Administration, U.S. DOL
  • Innovative Strategies for Managing the Rising Cost of Specialty Drugs
    Gregory I. Madsen, Innovative Rx Strategies, LLC
    Michael J. Staab, J.D., Innovative Rx Strategies, LLC
  • Investment Reviews: Effective Solutions for Universal Challenges
    Richard T. Allison, SWBC Investment Advisory Services
    Bradley D. Ferguson, SWBC Investment Advisory Services
  • Making Employee Health Education a Corporate Priority
    Sherri L. Samuels-Fuerst, R.N., Sargento Foods Inc.
  • Pharmacy Benefits Strategies for Lowering Prescription Drug Costs
    Gregory I. Madsen, Innovative Rx Strategies, LLC
    Michael J. Staab, J.D., Innovative Rx Strategies, LLC
  • Plan Fees: Are You Getting the Best Deal?
    Pam Basse, 401(k) | 403(b) Advisors
    Tim Black, 401(k) | 403(b) Advisors
  • Stop the Medical Cost Madness and Realize a Million Dollar Savings
    Jill A. Kopanis, Dynamic Dies, Inc.
  • Surviving an ERISA Audit of Your Health Plan
    DeAnne R. White, Sinnissippi Centers, Inc.
  • Target Date Funds: What’s Your Selection and Monitoring Process?
    Charles Catagnus, NFP Retirement
    Dave Rinehart, 401(k) | 403(b) Advisors
  • The Evolution and Future of Consumer Driven Healthcare in a Post-ACA World
    David Randall Ph.D., Consumer-Driven Health Care Institute (CDHCI)
  • Turning Pension Challenges into Opportunities
    Lynn R. Esenwine, Prudential
    Marc Howell, Prudential
  • Update on Health Benefits Law
    Karen B. Gagnon, Employee Benefits Security Administration, U.S. DOL