View some of our featured presentations from highly rated workshop and keynote sessions at past Mid-Sized Retirement & Healthcare Plan Management Conferences.   Topics range from improving participants’ 401(k) outcomes to the future of employer-provided healthcare and how to accurately assess results from wellness programs.  We hope you find these useful.

  • Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Control Rising Medical Costs with Effective Communication!
    Jill A. Kopanis, Dynamic Dies, Inc.
  • Fiduciary Issues Associated with Evaluating and Selecting Target Date Funds
    Michael E. Falcone, NFP
    Brian Roberts, NFP
  • Step Up to the Plate With High Performance Leadership
    Kate P. Bushnell, The Grossman Group
  • Washington Legislative Update in the 2016 Presidential Election Year
    Diann Howland, American Benefits Council
  • Old Way, New Way—Politics and the Future of the Affordable Care Act
    Gerald W. Frye, The Benefit Services Group, Inc.
  • How Your Words Today Impact Your Reality Tomorrow
    Dan Long, Transamerica
  • Building the Perfect Retirement Plan
    Scott Colangelo, Qualified Plan Advisors