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How to Know if a Private Exchange Is Right for You

How To Know if a Private Exchange Is Right for You

Despite a great deal of information and publicity, private exchanges are still widely misunderstood. That’s a big problem. Private exchanges may be a viable option for your company—possibly as soon as this upcoming renewal!  But unless you properly understand what they are all about, how can you know whether one may be right or wrong for […]

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5 Questions You Need to Ask Healthcare Plan Consultants

Prescription Pad

Recently I wrote “5 Questions to Ask When Hiring or Changing Retirement Plan Vendors” to help plan sponsors protect themselves and better serve plan participants. Today I’m providing five questions that you, as an administrator, need to ask healthcare plan consultants.  I say “need” because these questions make it more likely your healthcare plan will […]

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Retirement Readiness—The Costs if Not Attained

Money Stashed in Sock

We spend a lot of time discussing “retirement readiness” and how important a goal it is for our employees. Let’s realize that working towards retirement readiness for our employees can be a win-win—an obvious win for our employees as they save more and become more optimistic that they’ll be able to enjoy a robust retirement, […]

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Keynote Q&A: Discussing the ACA with EBRI’s Dr. Paul Fronstin

Paul Fronstin, Ph.D., Employee Benefit Research Institute

Dr. Paul Fronstin, Ph.D. is Director of the Employee Benefit Research Institute’s (EBRI) Health Research and Education Program.    Paul and I recently sat down to discuss his keynote presentation at our upcoming Las Vegas Mid-Sized Retirement & Healthcare Plan Management Conference,  Sept. 7-10, 2014.  Dr. Fronstin also oversees the Center for Research on Health Benefits […]

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5 Questions to Ask When Hiring or Changing Retirement Plan Vendors

Lost and Confused Signpost

I’ve discovered over the years that many retirement plan sponsors are failing to ask some essential questions when doing a review of their plans and/or vendors.  I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit as I begin my preparations for the opening of the September Mid-Sized Retirement and Healthcare Plan Management Conference in Las Vegas […]

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Fiduciary Responsibilities—You Can’t Escape Them

What is a Fiduciary?

When my car needs work, I take it to a mechanic. If a pipe develops a leak I can’t fix, I call a plumber. By paying an expert, the responsibility is off my shoulders. I tell you, it’s a complete relief. But with fiduciary responsibilities, even when you hire an expert—there is no such thing […]

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Wellness: The ROI of Caring About Your Employees


“Think about taking the steps. Your heart will thank you.” This is a sign I posted by the elevator of our two-story building a couple years ago. In its own tiny way, that sign was an example of wellness, as it made our staff at least think about a healthier alternative. By no means do […]

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Never a dull moment (OK, once in a while)

Good Stuff

It’s fair to say I’ve witnessed more than my share of conference presentations. But since I’ve been the official Conference Chairman of UCS conferences since 1995, it goes with the territory. After all, we hold four events per year and have 45-plus workshops per event. I haven’t seen every presentation, but the number I have seen […]

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30 years and counting…

30 years cupcake

Although this will clearly drop hints to my age, I am proud to have just celebrated my 30th anniversary at UAI Technology! (UAI is the parent company of University Conference Services, the host of the Mid-Sized Retirement and Healthcare Plan Management Conferences.) When people used to say that time flew by, I never really understood […]

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