Update, this just in–Thursday, 6/28 will be the day the Supreme Court releases the rest of its rulings, including health care reform. Stay tuned, at least we now know when the ruling will come.

It’s the final Monday in June, usually something that is pretty uneventful. Unless of course you’re about to start your summer vacation…or the Supreme Court might rule on the “decision of the century.” Will today be the day that we finally know what’s happening with healthcare reform?

Well, even if the decision does come out, the answer to that question, unfortunately, is probably no. Even if the court affirms healthcare reform as being constitutionally sound, this will still undoubtedly remain one of the key issues of the Presidential campaign. If it is overturned, the debate will instantly turn to “what’s next?” There are very few people who debate whether or not the current situation is sustainable.

I for one will be checking constantly to see what the court decides. Everyone in America has a stake in the healthcare system, whether as a consumer, provider, or in our case also an educator. I personally wish this hadn’t come down to a decision that rests with the Supreme Court, but rather one that could have been decided by our elected leaders. Maybe I’m naive when it comes to this thinking, but I really believe that if a group of smart people without vested interests could have all put their heads together, we could have come up with a system that people could have lived with and one that would work. Instead, we have a “solution” that instead of being the best is instead a “solution” that was something that could get through the polarized government that we have. And note, I’m not taking political sides here. I don’t think there are people from either side who contend this is the best we can come up with, or even something that will work without modification in the future.

I’ll be watching for the ruling very closely, and will be back with thoughts once it comes out. Whether or not that’s today, it will be sometime soon.